CWIC XRS – F1 Rules

F1 Rules

F1 rules are as per BRCA.

All manufactures models are eligible to enter.

Amendments Please note the following amendments:

Shell may be painted in any colour scheme.

Motor Handout. must be returned after each meeting

2s 21.5T or 1s 13.5T both motors will be handout, to be returned at the end of the day Heats and finals will be 5 minutes.

Ride Height. Minimum 3mm. Minimum weight 1050 grams

Tyres. Hudy/CWIC pre glued tyres. Available from the club and BGR. Please note.

Only CWIC XRS Hudy tyre sets can be used they will be clearly marked with a tamper proof label. Tyre sets will be available both track side and pre ordered from BGR or CMCC on club nights.

Tyre cleaning. Wurth brake cleaner or Hudy additive only.

Additive. Hudy carpet additive this will be supplied on a central table. No additive to be applied at pit tables.

Lipo Batteries. Any HardCase lipo commercially available in the UK Battery Charging: As per current BRCA Guidelines Lipo warming is not allowed.



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