What we race

At Chippenham Model Car Club (CMCC), we try to accommodate all RC racing enthusiasts, irrespective of ability. We race on-road & off-road RC cars at different times of the year – off-road when the weather is nice during the summer, and on-road during the winter on Prima GT carpet, when we go indoors at Abbeyfield School.

The cars fall roughly into the following categories:

On Road

Touring Cars – 1:10 scale, 4WD, such as the Tamiya TT-01, Associated TC6.2, ARC R10 or Serpent S411 running 17.5T motors in ‘Blinky’ mode, and 13.5T motors in ‘boosted’ mode periodically.

GT12 – 1:12 scale, ‘Pan Car’ type chassis, such as the Mardave Assassin, Zen RSGT12 or Schumacher SupaStox, running 13.5T motors with a 1S LiPo battery.

GT10 – 1:10 Scale ‘Pan Car’ type chassis, such as the Associated RC10R5.1, running 10.5T motors with a 1S LiPo battery.

12th – 1-12 scale ‘Pan Car’ type chassis, such as the Associated RC12R5.2, running 10.5T motors with a 1s LiPo battery.

Mini – 1:10 Scale Tamiya M-Chassis (M03 & M05), running a 20T HPI ‘Saturn’ motor or the Muchmore Clubman 20  and either 6-cell NiMh or 2S LiPo battery.

Note – If you have some other scale of electric car that you would like to race please come along. As long as we deem the car safe to race on the carpet we will find a heat for you to race in. If you don’t have your own RC car, the club have a Tamiya TT01 touring car and Tamiya Mini setup ready to race, which are available for hire.

Off Road

1:10 Off-Road Electric Buggies (Two-wheel & Four-Wheel Drive) – Buggies such as the RC10B4 or TLR22 (2WD) or Associated RC10B44 or Durango DEX410 (4WD) running any brushless 540-size motor and 2S LiPo battery (although a limit of 8.5 is generally accepted as being what the average racer can handle on our outdoor track)

1:10 Electric Short Course Trucks (Two-wheel & Four-Wheel Drive) – Trucks such as the Associated SC10, or HPI Blitz.

If you don’t have a buggy but would like to see what RC racing is all about the club have a Kyosho Lazer Ready To Run (RTR) buggy which can be hired out on club nights.

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