CWIC General Information

General Information

Smoking/vaping is not permitted on the premises

There is no food available in the hall. There are vending machines in the centre. The town does have a McDonalds and Domino’s etc.

Racing will be on Black ETS carpet measuring approximately 28 x 20 metres.

Mains power is available for the principle purpose of charging batteries. No heaters or kettles to be used.

There are separate heats and regulations for the classes listed. Classes will run subject to a minimum of 8 drivers booked across the series for that particular class. If  it’s looking like entries for a support class will fall short of the minimum of 8 and/or the main classes are over entered we may at any time deemed necessary drop said minority class to free up spaces. Where possible the CWIC rules are based on those used at National level meetings, i.e BRCA. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure their car is compliant with the appropriate rules and regulations.

We will aim to run a three minute practice rounds and minimum of three qualifying rounds plus the double leg final. Your CWIC Championship points will be based on your result in each leg of the final. Within all classes we will be running two junior championships based on:-

U13 – As per BRCA

U17 – As per BRCA

The heats will be worked out prior to the meeting, and as the Championship progresses will be based on your average points position, thus ensuring that if you miss a meeting you are seeded into the appropriate heat.

Qualifying and Finals – Qualifying will be round by round. Your qualifying position determines your starting position in both legs of the finals. The finals will run on an A-Z basis. Your qualifying position does not give you priority on rostrum position.

Points – Points are scored from 100 points downwards at each round based on your overall placing after the finals have taken place. The winner of the A Final 1st leg (Rd 1) will score 100 points, 2nd place 99 points and so on. The winner of the A Final 2nd leg (Rd 2) will score 100 points, 2nd place 99 points and so on. To score points for the championship, you need to have scored points from 6 of the available 10 rounds.

Batteries – Lipo’s must be charged in a fireproof bag according to BRCA rules.

Noise. Compressed air blowers are allowed to be used in the pitting area only.  If listening/watching/playing Ipads, tablets etc please to volume to an acceptable level.


Transponder technology has evolved over the years and currently the CWIC will support up to and including the ‘Harry’ type transponder or its equivalents. Hence the ‘Purcey’ should not be used, as it is not compatible with the Decoders we currently run. Additionally, the club no longer has hand out transponders, but we do have a limited quantity for rent if required – please ask before the event if you do not have a transponder.


Please ensure your cars are put in for scrutineering before your race. Failure to do this can result in loss of time. Failing scrutineering in 3 consecutive qualifiers can result in loss of time.


The entry fee is £16 for each class

Please ensure your entry and fee is received on time, no entry fee – no guaranteed entry. Priority will be given to those that have pre paid. Entrants wishing to enter more than 1 class should indicate their first choice class, as in the event of a large entry preference will be given to individual entries.

Entries to these events is strictly by pre-booking only and will be limited to approximately 120 to ensure there is time to run the required races.

Booking in officially closes approximately 8 days prior to the meeting.

Entry is available online via this web site and payment is via PayPal.

Please note: refunds will be given provided sufficient notice is given. Additionally please note that at the organisers discretion payment on the day could be £15 and entries received after the closing date (i.e 8 days before the meeting) may attract a further levy up to £20. Basically, please ensure your entry and fee is received on time.

Timetable overview

Hall opens                       08:00

Booking in closes         08:35

Drivers briefing            08:40

Practice commences 09:00

Racing commences    10:00  (3 qualifiers plus 2 legged finals)

Racing will finish          18:00 (approximately)

Vacate hall                     18:55  (at latest)

Contact details

General Email: 

PayPal payments:

Trackside mobile:   07530 793123

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