CWIC – Mini Formula Rules

Mini Formula

Tamiya – M-01, 3,  5 and 7.

3R Racing Mini

ABC Gambado

Any commercially available front wheel drive type M Car

ESC. Any brushed or brushless ESC in brushed mode

Motor (Handout) – Team Powers Black Can, these will need to be purchased from CMCC for £10 individually marked, they will be retained between meetings by the organisers.

Diff – must maintain diff action, no fast gear sets allowed.

Gearing – MAX FDR will be 5.8 i.e. 5.7 is not allowed, on the M3, 5 and 7 this is a 20t pinion, on the 3R there is an option 82t spur, this with a 28t pinion will give 5.85

Tyres/wheels – Pre-Glued Sweep Mini Touring Car Rubber Wheels/Tyres SWP-MN25,33,40 with pink insert

Min weight – 1250 grams   Max Width – 170mm   Max Length – 239mm

Hop-ups – Any commercially available hop up may be used, no chassis conversions allowed.

Bodyshell – M Class bodies – TC style allowed, GT or LMP type not allowed

Ride height – 3mm

Tyre Cleaning. Wurth brake cleaner or any BRCA approved additive

Additives. As per the BRCA approved list

No oil-based additives are allowed. Any competitor found using an oil-based additive will be disqualified.

Lipo Batteries. must be hard cased but need not be on the BRCA  list.

Battery Charging. As per current BRCA guidelines

Lipo warming is not allowed

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