CWIC – LMP12 Rules

LMP12 Rules

LMP12 rules are as per BRCA 13.5

All manufactures models are eligible to enter.


Please note the following amendments

1.17 Roll over masts need not be fitted.

ESC. Must be on the BRCA list and be in blinky mode.

Motors. Any 13.5T motor that is on the BRCA list

Ride height. minimum 3mm.

Minimum weight. 730 grams

Heats and finals will be 5 minutes.

Tyres. Open, but must comply to BRCA technical rules

Tyre cleaning. Wurth brake cleaner or any additive on the BRCA approved list

Additive. any additive on the BRCA approved list

Lipo Batteries. Any hard case lipo commercially available in the UK

Battery Charging. As per current BRCA guidelines

Lipo warming is not allowed





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